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I currently cache with a Garmin Etrex H. This is a fine gps to get you in the area but it tends to bounce around alot after you get close. I am looking to get a gps with an external antenna, I dont care about adding extra maps, I just want something that is acurate in the woods and dont bounce. My budget is 100-300 dollars, what should I look into?

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Yep they all bounce around once you get to within 15-30 feet of your destination. It's amazing they're that accurate at all,, remember the satellites they use for triangulation are something like 11,000 miles away!!


Make sure you have fully charged batteries in your GPSr, and hold the unit "level" when taking a reading. GPSr's with patch antennas prefer to be held level.

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I have the venture hc and the vista hcx. The vista has the electronic compass so it doesn't bounce when you stand still. This has proven invaluable when trying to show people directions and stuff on the gps.


They have high sensitivity recievers too, which is much improved over the old ones.


It will also hold maps, with it's little memory card. Oh you say you don't want them, that's because you have never had them! I see you are in NC. You can get free topo nc maps from gpsdepot.com!! Or you can just use the southeastern us one and meander through the states!! We dont' have mountains in this area, I had a blast when I went to hotsprings this past fall!


I only mention this because your budge allows it and you sound like you are using an antiquated gps that loses it's signal in the woods.


This will not stop the bounceing when you reach your destination but still cool things to have. There are other models, and brands. Lowrance makes a model that has a good following.

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