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Geocoin Challenge (Ongoing)

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our coin made it to Tsun, who then dropped it in a cache for it's return...However, yesterday I got an e-mail from the cache owner, saying the coin was no longer in his cache...We hope whoever picked it up will log it soon, so we can see where it is... :)


Same here, but if it has gone, its no biggy. I am hoping the other one makes it to Tsun still, even tho after a trip to St Lucia it's now in Florida! (Wish that were me!)


Well think it is time to declare our one (Bound for England! - was Bound For Montana!) missing now, as it has been a while. Its going to be extra hard for coins to move around Montana now with the snow cover, so doubt that our other one will get there, but there are others getting there, so who knows. Well done to all the cachers who helped the coins get to Helena, and thanks again Tsun for an epic cointest!

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I'm bound by birth to be a Packers fan, however, I want in on this! I'll have to get my stuff together this week and will get something on the way next weekend. :-) Thanks Tsun, this is a fun idea!


I have to live with 5 Packer fans at work, it's been a long season for me :laughing: I can't guarantee the safety of your coin once it's in my hands :rolleyes:



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I thought this challenge was just for the year 2010 when I signed up, so I didn't think my coins would make it in time. It seemed that one of them did make it, but instead of getting posted, it is trying to make it back to the UK with a hopper attached (thank you Tsun)! :laughing: All good fun. Since then it has made a couple of amazing journeys, one to a remote island in the Caribbean and then another one off the island to SC.

Oh, edit: they have gone missing again.

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2 coins will hopefully be on there way following the MWGB.


Coin 1 is TB3HJB - GW VIII Cachekinz - Salmon - A Trip To The Dark Side Of The Tsun...

goal - To reach tsunrisebey in Helena, Montana, a place where everybody knows your name...and most try to forget it!


Coin 2 is TB30YG3 - "Kathy's Coin - A Trip To The Tsun"...

goal - To reach Helena, Montana, where men are men, and women are women, and cows are confused.


I look forward to seeing which, if either coin can reach its goal...the sparkly Kathy's Coin or the not so sparkly, cachkinz.


Thanks for an interesting challenge!




nearly 2 years later i received notice that "Kathy's Coin - A trip to the Tsun" has reached Montana...a cache called Not My Usual @ Earl Guss ..in the town of billings, montana..i never expected the "sparkly coin" to make the trip. i spent the day saturday in a vet hospital in state college, pa waiting to get a ct scan for heineken, and the results remain questionable. this was a nice surprise after a long weekend.


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