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Older versions of mapsource

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Is it possible to revert mapsource to an older version,without reloading my maps all over again.I had V6.1.3.7. and then upgraded to the latest V6.1.5.7. so I could view the new Topo Canada DVD V4 on mapsource ,but their are some changes to mapsource I dont like.Contours and printing look almost fuzzy and not as dark as before,dont seem to be able to turn off terrain shading,before their was seamless integration between Topo USA 2008 and Topo USA National parks west and now its one or the other,cant say Topo Canada V4 was a whole lot better than V2 other than terrain shading or DEM.Even Bluechart looks different.Anyone know what version of mapsource was required to show Topo Canada V4.I dont see any old versions at Garmin.Thx

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Old versions are usually available here: http://www.gawisp.com/perry/msource/ Seems to be down today.


Only the newer versions read TopoCan4....


You can run both versions at the same time. Simply run the file "mapsource.exe" from the old version (6.13.7). Name it something else like Mapsource6137.exe so that it does not overwrite the new version.

It's not that simple with earlier versions. Each mapsource.exe file also requires the associated mapsource_lang.dll file that goes with it. What I've done is make sub-folders and copy those two files from the previous version before every upgrade. Then create a shortcut to the exe file in those sub-folders. This may or may not require the associated .jar files and other support files for particular earlier versions. So I just back up whatever is in the main MapSource folder to each sub-folder. I have, in the past, gotten by by just renaming the exe and dll file to their version names, then renaming them back when needed, but that's too tedious. So I went with the sub-folder idea so they can all co-exist using the same maps.


I like keeping v6.11.5 (the last one to support Win98/ME) in case I have to swap a drive out to on an older laptop (all my drives are dual-booting, 98SE & XP), or v6.50, the last one to support GPS tracking, so I don't have to also run nRoute. Though, if you can get hold of a copy of nRoute v2.76 (it's still on the net if you hunt, but Garmin wiped it from their archives), it's pretty good. Replacing your own sound-files to the voice-prompt directions is easy because they are simple WAV files (44kHz, 16-bit, mono Windows PCM).

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I wasnt able to find any older versions on the web,except you can still get 6.11.5 from Garmins site,so I saved that one.Ill just reload then Ill have 6.13.7.I should of been saving them all along with my unit software.I dont find any problem running 6.13.7.Ill search for the others in a few days,all the links I found seem broken now.I read that 6.14.1 was no good.Thx again for your help.

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It's not that simple with earlier versions. Each mapsource.exe file also requires the associated mapsource_lang.dll file that goes with it.

I didn't find it that difficult. When I got annoyed at the 6.15.x versions I uninstalled the one I was using at the time. Then I installed 6.13.7. I grabbed Mapsource.exe and renamed it, as Red90 said, and stuck it in a temporary folder.


Then I reinstalled the 6.15.x version. When the update was done, I just dragged the renamed Mapsource6137.exe file back into the C:\GARMIN folder and now I can run either one.


Yep, just that simple.



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