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QUESTION - What does Archive mean?


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It means that it will no longer be listed as an active cache. It will not appear in any of the serches (except by GC number or 'list of caches owned'.) Hopefully, it also means that the cache has been removed. (But don't count on that.)

I was wondering how that works too. I thought "archived" meant removed but like you stated some never go away.


Why is that?

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If the cache listing is archived by the cache owner, for whatever reason, then (hopefully) they will do the honorable thing as a responsible cache owner and go and collect their old cache box, or cache remains, or whatever is left of it if it's one that has been muggled.


But sometimes caches get abandoned by owners who just disappear from the game. Gradually the condition of the box/log/contents deteriorates, generating ignored Needs Maintenance logs often followed by a Needs Archived log. If the cache is then archived by a reviewer the remains (whatever they may be) are still in place. In these circumstance often a helpful local cacher will go and tidy up the geo-litter: However, they may need to act with caution because the sad remains still belong to the original cache owner.



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Archiving just removes a Cache listing from the (current)published pages, and sticks it in the files. It can still be viewed, but will not be in the active display.


Many Archived Caches that have the box left in the wild are due to lazines, but some are left for other reasons. There are other listing sites that might have the Cache listed, or the box could even be part of a puzzle of some sort. I own one Archived Cache that was archived so that another player could hide a new Cache nearby. He asked me to leave my box in place so that he could reference it in his new listing. Those who find it can still log a find, even though the listing does not show in a search(they can access it through the "Back Doors". It is archived, but not abandoned.

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