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geocaching via phone

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That depends on your phone, your provider, and the Geocaching software you're using. I didn't pay anything extra, but the GeoBeagle software I use is free, I didn't have to pay to unlock the GPS receiver in my Nexus One, and my service plan already includes unlimited data and SMS. (I use GeoBeagle's SMS logging to create field notes, and then use the field notes to log online.)

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Depends on what you use and how you use it. I use CacheBerry on a Blackberry. The app cost $15 but after that you can do free caching so long as you don't choose to use online features. The program works by loading in GPX files from pocket queries or single cache so it can be used as a totally offline tool. Online features include integration with Google Maps or jumping to the website to see the full cache page or searching for nearby caches. If you use these kinds of features then you should really have an unlimited data plan or the dollars could add up.

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The Geocaching app costs $10. To use the app is totally free. So is the camera function, the safari app if I need it, google (if I need it), etc, etc


with the iPhone, it's all good :P !


And, I can do it on the fly. Do it while I wait fot a Drs appt. Do it when I'm drivinghome from work. I get instant notifications of new publishes, and I can also run all kinds of PQs.

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How accurate is the Nexus? I'm not sure if I want to bother upgrading from the G1 for $550; but it's got flash...
To be honest, I haven't done much geocaching since I upgraded from the G1 to the N1. But the N1's GPS accuracy has been fine the few times I've geocached with it, and the GPS accuracy has been fine when I've used the N1 for on-road navigation.
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