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COINTEST: Pick an icon!


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I can't decide which icon to use for the Li'l Dreamer coin, so I figured I might as well make it a cointest!



You can only vote once

Cointest will last 24 hours

I will pick one person randomly to receive one of the Li'l Dreamer BN coins


The coin you will receive, and the one you're picking an icon for:



32x32 icon will be this:



This is what you vote on!

A. Head & Rainbow: unicornicon16.gif


B. Rainbow scenery: unicornicon16-2.gif


C. Full scene: unicornicon16-3.gif


Thanks everyone for your help!

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:) what else I would vote??? :rolleyes:


A of course! :D


I like it so much!!! :D


I had posted again that I like icon and micro icon to be the same, but if in the micro you can not identify what the design is, it is better to use a different one that is similar or.. a part of the besic icon! "A" is more clear than the "C", and..... actually A was probably my idea! :D

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