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Damselfly 2010 - Rollback pricing!


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There may be some available if everyone doesn't pay their invoice. Watch my site for updates.

Have you shipped, or when will you be shipping? Just like to know when I'll get my hands on these beauties. Thanks!

Was so excirted about the coins that I forgot about the free Pathtag offer. The tags are due to me early next week. So all paid order will ship by Thursday.


Sorry for the delay I was to excited becuase they look so good. I created a new set of dies to make the coin 4.5 thick. The reason is that the highest level is not at the edge so the original coin looked very thin. Now it look great!!!


I'll try to add more pictures.

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I'll try to answer some questions.

any idea when the activtion codes will be available on coincodes?

They are up!


Do you know yet if you will have any available after you've shipped them all?

I have a few that didn't pay and also bought extras. they will be up for sale next week.


Are they slightly convex, or is that just distortion from the camera? Glad I picked up a set - thanks for the photos.

Think it is the photo but they also have a recessed edge, not raised so that makes it look a bit convex also.


They came out really nice. Glad you ended up making them thicker.

I am also, they are so much better now and they were great before. Well worth the extra $250 or so extra in making the new dies.

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Just called home and checked. The Pathtags have arrived!!! :blink:


I will be spending tonight putting them in the packages and all paid orders will go in the mail tomorrow. some orders that were not waiting for Pathtags shipped last weekend. I will be sure not to make the same mistake on the next shipment. I am also doing a better job coordinating the orders.


I'll add pictures of the Pathtags here when I get home.


Thanks all for your understanding.


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