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Hmmm probably it is time to make my 3rd guess! :blink:


Jimmie Johnson #48

Kyle Busch #18

Mark Martin #05


I already guessed these three in one guess, so I'm not sure if you might want to change it, or if that's even allowed.


But we understand, Gatoulis...you just wanna be like the SARGE!! :laughing::P:P


Oh my.... I wrote Kyle #18!!! I meant Kurt #2!!! Busch boys!!! :D Both are K. Busch!!!! :)

Hmm... are they brothers? ;)

I had them writen in a piece of paper to remember and they were together! First Kyle and then Kurt... Oh!!!


I do not know if it can be changed now...

Of course, if this are the 3 winners, you are the winner my friend! :P


In some hours, I will post a different trio... let's see...

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Hey, do those eyes get bigger or maybe start weeping depending on where a certain # 14 is?


I don't weep!!!!!

I CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Weeping is for Willows and Wimps!

I SCREAM and HOLLER and Call foul,

I commontate and complain . oh yeah, I get into it!!!!!!!!!!!


And just a note.......


I would be surprised if Tony wins today.

When he races in the Nationwide, and wins, he normally does not win in the cup race.

Just an Observation!

I will post my pics at 12.01 PM EST





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So...since you said time is up after my entry, will my entry count or not?






It was posted AFTER I said ORIGINAL time up,

I was just fixing KD1EJs post,

He posts in between Quotes .

I can't stand that!

It screws up the original post.

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Nice car! :laughing: I voted! :blink: when I entered there was 1 vote! the second was mine, and now it has 4! IT is going up fast! I hope to go to the 1st page of the top voted cars! ;)


I loved the crow with the helmet! :o


Is the drive.... Racer Crow (no!!! Not russel Crowe)!!! :) and the car's name?? Gladiator??? ;) goof job! I sw it in 3D and it is nice!! :D

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I voted again!!!! Probably they realised that in Greece it is already Monday! :blink: So now you have 15! :)


Oh! the first one has 500 votes... so Come on Geocachers!!! Let's help Opalsns! All for one and one for all! :o


I think you are in the 153rd place now, in the 12th page! that is very good!!! In some days you will be very high my friend!!!;)


Just keep posting the vote link when the page is changing! :laughing:

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Sorry... I just do not understand!!! What is wrong with the track? Oh.... that is very bad for the cars and especially for the drivers!!!! :)


BTW... do I see new names as drivers??? Oh!


A CHUNK of Asphalt popped off the track because of all the Rain weekening the underground.


They fixed it for 30 laps and it happened again.


The track has been ther 50 years, you'd think they know these things happen, they should do something about it before Racing Starts. :o

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Good Luck Everyone!!!!!!!





MY PICS ....








1st Jamie McMurry

2nd Dale Jr.

3rd Greg Biffle



Who's Your Mommy??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


I should get a coin for that!!!!!!!!

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I'm not feeling well, so i'm gonna say Good Luck and Good Night to all.


I sure hope you feel better soon!


Like you, I had two of the top 3...my first guess was Dale Jr, Mark Martion, and Jamie McMurray!




I just checked,

You and me were the only ones who picked Jamie McMurray,


Great minds think alike!!!LOL!!!!



I picked Jamie to win!!


YO, Bro, How do you like me now?

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I'm not feeling well, so i'm gonna say Good Luck and Good Night to all.


I sure hope you feel better soon!


Like you, I had two of the top 3...my first guess was Dale Jr, Mark Martion, and Jamie McMurray!

Well, SGT MIKAL, 2out 3 , good for a Satin PM me, OPALSNS I'm on my Knees , I'm Impressed, KD1EJ

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