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No Rash No Cache Clearance Sale! Only $7


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Cool coin and nice bracelette. I learned how to make those bracelettes while I was in Iraq.


I think we are from the same home town, Pekin, Illinios.


Good job!



Presenting the Sneak Peak of "No Rash No Cache" Geoncoin!






Coin Stats


Size: 1.75 inches X 3mm


Finish: Black Nickel, Silver, and Gold


Trackable: YES


Unique Icon: YES icon32.gif

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This coin celebrates the Poison Ivy plant. Poison Ivy can be found in the United States anywhere east of The Rockies. Some are not affected by this plant, but it can be a nightmare for those of us who are. Every so often while caching you will have to ask yourself, shall I risk the rash to get the cache?


Now on Sale at ebcoins.net




Price per coin is $9.00 for Black Nickel and Silver

$11.00 for Gold LE version


Coin Stats


Size: 1.75 inches X 3mm


Finish: Black Nickel, Silver, and Gold


Trackable: YES


Unique Icon: YES icon32.gif


Only 50 gold made and there will never be a remint of the gold version!

Also, any order of 5 or more coins will recieve free shipping.

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Paypal says they'll be down until 7:00 pm PST. I have your oder though, and I will have it prepared to ship tomorrow. Thank you.


I went ahead and re-ordered and Paypal went through this time. If you can cancel invoice # 1139, I re-ordered on Invoice # 1140.


E-mail me if there is a question / problem.



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As there has been no comment on my post a few days ago, can I assume the $13.95 shipping to the UK is correct, or is the site over-calculating? Would someone be able to check please?




No thats not correct, I am working on the problem. Sorry.


I'll just wait for Avroair to sell some on Ebay then.

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FYI: The price on these coins will be going back up on Tuesday. They will go back to original price of $9

Couldn't resist... Just ordered a gold one :) love the coin, hate the rash!!!! Being an east coaster I know about the rash all to well.


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Do you have any left ?


Yes, we sure do!


Still got some for sale? I'm new to geocaching as of a couple weeks ago and one of my first experiences resulted in some poison ivy rash! hehehe In remembrance I would like to get two if possible one to keep for remembrance and one for the wild.


Yes we do they can be found at ebcoins.net

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