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Using Gsak or not


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Background: Used GSAK with a palm Mseries for paperless caching, and a VistaHCX for GPS.


Currently: Replaced old Palm with iPod Touch (Whooopie!) and no longer need GSAK to load the zipped PQs into the itouch for the paperless part. Still using the Vista for GPS.


Question: Is there a direct way to load the PQs into the VistaHCX without using Gsak, or is that the only way. I don't mind using Gsak and I have already paid for it, but i was just curious if I could eliminate a step.




EDITED TO ADD: Happy New Year!!

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You could use bcaching.com.


You can set up PQs to automatically email to your bcaching account (or upload them by hand periodically).


Then use the bcaching desktop map view in your browser to send geocaches & waypoints to your garmin using the garmin communicator web plugin. It's the same as the geocaching.com "send to gps" function but can send up to 1000 caches+waypoints at a time.


I've only used it with a 60csx, but it should work with any garmin that can connect to the computer via usb.

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