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Need help activating pirate coin

Tartansnake & Stacky

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I need help activating a coin I purchased back in June 2009. It’s a Pirate of the Geocache “Ghost” coin purchased from coinswag.com. I had no luck with their activation part of the website so tried emailing them. I emailed them about 4 or 5 times and each time I get the same generic email saying they are having trouble with stock and will get my order out as soon as possible. :anibad:


If they cared to read my email they would know that I already had my order and all I want is to activate the coin I purchased. I checked their website today to find it is no longer active so this seems like a dead duck.


After purchasing a few geocoins I’ve noticed the same design usually have the same activation code. So if anyone has one of these Pirates of the Geocache coins and remembers the activation code can you send it to me in a PM please as I’d like to finally active this coin.


Many thanks in advance,


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