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Chiseled Marks and old Drill Holes - I love to see these, also.

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Current two week road trip has produced a half dozen chiseled marks - one by feel only under a set of wooden steps.

I used GSAK filters to hi-grade for them, along with Mirc, USLS and older runs that contained a few B.M. disks.


Yesterday's southwest breeze on Lake Superior made for an easy kayak landing at USLS ROCK 1902




just east along the mainland shore line in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore from the Little Sand Bay Ranger Station. 109 years of wind and water

erosion has exposed the copper bolt and made the lettering faint. Curious that the is no mention of the triangular arrangement

of drill holes around the mark; one of which contains a copper bolt and another residue of cementing material.


This was the last day of a three night kayak camping expedition to Sand, Ironwood and Bear Islands. Prettiest beach

was on the NE corner of Bear I N 47 01 34.7 W 090 45 02.1.




Others have posted neat pictures of this beach on Google Earth. kayakbird

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A sample of Idaho and Oregon chisel marks - from east to west:


Most difficult to see CHISELED CROSS WT




Setting least likely to be removed PLN J 3 1903




Nice, sharp, chisel work PLN P 3 1903




Most remote PLN S4 1903




Neat rock structure PLN V 5 1904




A bit scruffy in 1920 G 21 1920




Mystery Mark - supposed be a chiseled square - long term typo or a RESET?


P 20 1920




It is on the correct RR culvert at the right L/L.




Any of these out east? MEL

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Yes. I hae posted this elsewhere, but it seems to fit Shirley's interest in chiselled marks.




Caching with my brother (Oh. It's only a 350' climb in a half mile, and there are four caches including this one from 2001.) "Okay. There's a benchmark. Let's go for it." Pisgah (1979) PF1048 was an easy find, with the two RMs. But near RM2, I found what's in the above photo. Copper bolt in a chiselled triangle (seems to be chiselled into the wod "Raymond") Nearby PF1048 is PF1049 (with no info, nor page.) I've asked Deb if this coudld be PF1049 (Pisgah 1934), but if her page has no info, how can she say? But, I'll guess that that's what it is.

Oh, well. It's a nice copper bolt in a chiselled triangle for Shirley.

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I have found chiseled squares, crosses and triangles but Sunday I found a chiseled arrow. I know that these have been used as reference marks (eg., Sugar Loaf Mountain) but this one is listed as a vertical control: JU0646








My reading of Bulletin 21 of the Department of Conservation and Development State of NJ (this mark is described on page 106) suggests that the control was established as part of the 1919 leveling run. Seemed like an odd mark but then I realized that the surveyor used the shaft of the arrow as the indicator of the elevation (18.97')

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Thanks for that documentation link.


If you do a Recovery to NGS, and submit that information, they may change the 'JU0646 HISTORY UNK MONUMENTED NJGS' date. Are there other PID's in that level run that could be updated also?


Don't have New Jersey in my GSAK files for a quick filter sort. kayakbird

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Well, since this Benchmarking forum might be deleted along with all of the Benchmark logs, I wanted to post on this special one that so many of the people I know so well posted to for me to see what they found. Chiseled marks are very special and we met so many of the people who posted here at one time or another and of course Harry Dolphin was in Off Topic and it has been shut down and probably soon to be discarded. So that is the reason I am posting here to be able to look at all of the posts in this thread before it is deleted. 


I hope others that are interested in chiseled marks (which some were from the 1800's) will enjoy looking at what some of us have found. If anyone else would like to post their logs here, do so and I will be checking back until the end of it all. 


Thanks everyone here that have been such a big part of my life, and if John were still alive, he would thank you also. 



Shirley Bloomfield - Half of the 2oldfarts

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3 hours ago, vw_k said:

An interesting thread, I also search for chiseled benchmarks and other types when out geocaching, the most common type over here are known as "cut benchmarks" or simply "cut marks" and there is a website for logging them at http://www.bench-marks.org.uk as well as the ordnance survey archive which shows where most of them are.


I even have one on my house.


My last trip over the pond was in 2011, my (now ex-) wife and I traveled central and northern Wales, and I went out of my way to find a few of these trig marks. :) That'd darn awesome you got one on your house. :)

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Hi All,   I remembered doing this short (489 Smoots) hike,  but just not when/where.  Finally found it in the field book covering my first benchmarking trip to the Minnesota Arrowhead after a kayak race out of  Two Harbors.  And saw my first Broad-winged Hawk on the hike back the Mt Maude fire tower.  Leaded bolts, chiseled triangle & arrow; with extra credit for being set by the Geodetic Service of Canada.  Please overlook my HH2 blunder - should read:  HH2 475833.4 894453.7.  kayakbird (MEL)




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I have one to contribute this year. Completely unexpected.

LG0282 - Chiseled Cross Filley, located in SE Nebraska. On a small dirt road that used to be a more important thoroughfare than it is now..


Carved is 'US', 'BM', and the X above the BM. There's something carved at a right-angle to the 'US BM' above the X, but I couldn't make it out. CS, maybe? Dunno.

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