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5th International Math Trade

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Yay! I finally got my last coin from the math trade..a Netherlands 2009. I guess that Aussie post may have been a little suspicious because there was an 'opened by Australia Post' sticker on it when I got it. And I recently just remarked that I have never had that happen here, only in Canada...must have jinxed myself :)

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All of the coins I mailed out have been received on or before today! Thanks everyone for offering up some great trades and being much more prompt than me on your mailings!


Mailed out:

Anne.and.eli - 2/16

AtlantaGal - 2/16

Bennie Boys - 1 March 2010

Dr. Neal - 2/20

E&Cplus3 - 2/20

Erica-opoly - 2/20

FamiliaSilvestre - 2/20

Gardengorilla - 1 Mach 2010

Greenish - 2/20

Kini_ont - 2/20

Mar-elenili - 2/20

scificollector - 2/20

sureteb - 2/20

The 4 F's - 2/20

Turlutortue - 2/20


Received: (all coins have been received - thank you!)

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