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Topo maps gone. Oregon 400t


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Hello, I have a Oregon 400t with CN 2009 on it. I wanted to turn off the street maps and only see topo maps that are built in to the unit. If I go to setup and map then map information/select map. I only see the CN 2000 maps to enable/dissable. I do not see the built in topo maps option to enable. Is it possible I accidentally removed the built in topo maps? If so how can I get them back?




Loren Smith

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have you contacted Garmin directly? I would...


of course, I'm confused a bit by what I'm reading (call it new year brain fog)...If I'm thinking correctly, you want to see nothing but the hills, valleys, rivers, etc...no streets, etc. I believe that the units will automatically show all the above, including streets...but for navigation purpose, CN cards (or other) are required. The topo map is built in, and I doubt you can alter that particular view.

Did I just make sense? Geez, I hope so...I have the Oregon 400t, also...and I love the darned thing.

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Did you put the City Nav on the SD card?

If you just sent it to the unit using Mapsource, then it will likely overwrite the preloaded Topo :P


See what Garmin say. (Other than an unhelpful "you should have backed up the unit first :rolleyes: )


On my 550t if I goto setup > map> map information select map, I get a bubble for the pre-loaded Recreational mapof Europe (you should get US Topo instead) a bubble for WW Autoroute DEM basemap and a bubble for the map I loaded onto the SD card. Touching the bubble then lets me enable or disable the map.

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The maps are are just files.


The TopoUSA map is a file called:


X:\Garmin\gmapprom.img. It's a ~2.63GB file. (X: = your unit's internal memory)


The City Nav file is:


X:\Garmin\gmapsupp.img. It's a ~1.1GB file. (X: = my mSD card)


I also have gmapsupp.img file on the internal memory which holds NWTrails and "other" maps.


Garmin introduced additional naming options several FW releases back, but I haven't bothered with it.


If you've erased it you can copy it back to your unit (if you have access to the file). Maybe you know someone else that has a 400T.


If you don't know someone close by where you live... I'm sort of close by... Down in Redmond... I'd be willing to hook up with you and get you back up and running.



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If you just sent it to the unit using Mapsource, then it will likely overwrite the preloaded Topo :anibad:


Not likely as the default basemap is named gmapprom.img, anything you load with MapSource is named gmapsupp.img.


On the more recent Colorado software updates you can rename the gmapsupp.img to an filename with an img extension, so you can have multiple maps and so you can easily identify them. I have about 6 additional maps on my Colorado 400t, including: City Navigator, 24k TOPO for Florida, and some custom trail maps I created.

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Is it possible I accidentally removed the built in topo maps? If so how can I get them back?


Yes, it's VERY easy to remove the built-in TOPO maps...if you accidentally delete the file d:\Garmin\gmapprom.img the base map will be gone.


Your best defense would have been to create a backup of your GPS as soon as you got it.


If you didn't create a backup...to get it back either find a friend who has an Oregon 400t or it will have to be shipped back to Garmin for repair as the file is 2.7GB, much too large for Garmin to e-mail to you.

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Aren't the maps keyed to the device?

Whyever would you buy a t if you can simply get a friends unit and copy their map?

(With the internet you have lots of friends :anibad: )

No, the basemap is not keyed to the unit.


However, the basemap for the 't' is so large it won't fit on any of the other models...so you would need to own a 't' to copy the TOPO basemap from another unit.

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