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question about personal collections


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i just started collecting coins i now have about 30 or so of them.

i was wondering how others handle all the coins.

is there a way to make it where its not asking you every time you log a cache if you want to drop one of them in the cache.

and maybe even get them off of your profile page.

if not how do you keep track of any coins you pick up while caching since they all go into the same place.

this may even be a good upgrade for the geocache web site (personal and pick up to move) sections for the coins and tb's


just wondering.

id like to hear all the responses.



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Welcome to coin collecting and the forums :D



Many create a dummy cache (and archive it) or store their collection in any archived cache.


another small tidbit of info to help you keep coin codes in order, if you plan on taking your coins to events for discovery... attach a TB tag to the binder or box you store your coins in. When someone discovers the TB then email them your codes. It saves alot of time when your collection gets larger and you don't have to worry about printing updated codes when you add more coins.



Hope this helps... enjoy! :lol:

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I personally don't activate my collection. I have a database that I keep updated with my coins, as well as use one of the websites that will keep track of them. (Not sure if I can say specifically who)


As far as I know once they are activated there is no way to not have then in your inventory unless you use a different account.

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I guess I'm about the opposite of firefly03...all of my trackable coins are activated, with the exception of my traders. This will most likely lower the value of your coins if the day comes that you want to sell a few, or all, but activated coins can be adopted over to a new owner (I have quite a few coins I've adopted.)


The downside of your unactivated coins is they cannot be discovered; I like taking my coins to events for people to look at, and talk about with those interested. It also allows others to discover your coins.


If you click on the the link for my trading list at the bottom of this post, you'll find an example of a website that allows geocoin collectors to show what they own, have to trade, and are searching for.


Hope this is of some help.


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