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COINTEST! Name the geocar!


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I haven't been in the forums as much as I would have liked to be lately, as work has been busy, and home life has been as well, getting ready for Christmas, having two little ones at home, and this year my wife has a job as well. Crazy times, but they should be getting better in a few weeks, I hope! Work should get back to normal, and all of the vacation time everyone (including myself) should be over soon. My last scheduled day off is the 7th (my b-day), and then hopefully work will be back to normal.


As for this cointest, first I would like to thank sunsetmeadowlark for hosting another one. These are fun! I did not read through all of the posts, so if I am stealing anyone else's suggestions, I do apologize.


My suggestions:

1. Shelly - I don't know why, it just popped into my head as soon as I saw the picture.

2&3. Betsy or Bertha - these names are typically in honor of her "girth"

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