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Maps maps maps!


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I'm cheap. I didn't want to pay a hundred bucks for a map disk just to use a little bit in central Maryland.


So I went online. I used a set of maps cobbled together from mapcenter, using Mapwel to put them on my Garmin.


Then just recently I found gpsfiledepot, in particular this map. Much better. I installed it, picked the parts I wanted in MapSource, and clicked "send". Easy as that. Free, too.


I just hope there isn't some hidden flaw that sends me walking over a cliff.

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...some hidden flaw that sends me walking over a cliff.


Only you can send you over a cliff. As aways you need to use your own inteligence. Have you ever walked over a cliff using a paper map?


Maps, commercial and free, are only as good as the source material which is available; and conditions can change. Different map authors may use different data and processes it differently. Use caution in that area as the elevation data available from USGS to construct the contours are older and sometimes the resulting contours do not match the printed topo quads.

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Thanks for the info and the email.


I was kind of joking about the cliff thing, though. Really, there aren't many geographical hazards arund here at all. The hazards are biological: skeeters, ticks, spiders, poison ivy.


Someday GPS devices will give topo directions like they do with streets. It'd be like orienteering with the computer figuring out the best route instead of figuring it out yourself. That's when I'd be worried about going over a cliff.


"Turn left. Walk two hundred yards."

"Okay, turn left, and walk... aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!"

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"Turn left. Walk two hundred yards."

"Okay, turn left, and walk... aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!"

Delorme PN-40 has that feature. Don't they all?


Edit: No, on second thought the PN devices don't do yardage. If they did, it would be easier to use them on a golf course. Sorry, as I did check the Hiking turn arrows before posting, but didn't notice that it had to be in yards. :rolleyes:

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