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Where do you hope to be caching over Christmas?

The Blorenges

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I thought it would be good to see where different cachers hope to be caching over the next couple of weeks.


Please add a couple of scenic photographs from the gallery of any cache in the area (they don't have to be your own photographs) so we can all have an idea of the location.


The Blorenges will be near Padstow, a fishing village in the far SW of England




Padstow harbour




Along the coastal path.


A very happy Christmas* to you all!


*Please insert alternative to suit :laughing:

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We just hope to find A cache over Christmas. We were going to be on a five day trip away, but for family reasons have had to change our plans and stay home. And our local area is pretty thin on caches we haven't found that are terrain/difficulty that we can do. :D


I will enjoy looking at other people's photos! (Or perhaps it will just make the withdrawl symptoms worse ......)



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I will be in Westfield NY for a few days. Here is a pic I snapped during a cache hunt there last year:




Yes it was a bit windy.


Then it will be off to VT for the New Year weekend. Here is a pic stolen from the gallery of one of the caches I found there on the New Years weekend a few years ago:



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Christmas Eve I was allowed out to do some caching - so I did 5 before lunch - this was heading away from the second one (Boys' Weekend, GC1QWN7), located at our local beach - Oreti Beach (Southland, NZ).




For Christmas day I'm hoping to sneak some caching in the evening at Riverton. Will try to get some pics if I can.


Between Xmas and New Years I'm away on a Summer Holiday! Also planning on some light caching if I can!!

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Some good pictures appearing... thanks... keep them coming! :rolleyes:


We did our 700th cache on Boxing Day, at an event on top of a Cornish tor: Boxing Day on the Beacon.


Here's MrB fighting the elements (note how he's protecting Signal?) - it rained, sleeted and hailed for a while.




So to dry out and get warm we then drove to a nearby cove, drank coffee and had some food while watching the waves roll in from the Atlantic...





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