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Buying Geocoins


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Hello and welcome to the forums. :laughing:


I don't know whether Singapore has a shop selling geocoins... but I doubt it.


Many geocachers buy geocoins on-line, either direct from those who design and produce the geocoins (see the Topics in the Geocoin Discussion forum), or from on-line geocaching suppliers, or from Ebay.


Those who live in USA (and other countries where they have large geocaching events) are often able to buy geocoins from sellers who have stalls at such events.


If you know other geocachers in Singapore who also want to buy geocoins perhaps you could get together to order and thus save on the costs of shipping.



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Hullo there, dis is my first post to the forum. I would like to know where can I buy some Geocoins of my own. I'm quite sure Singapore did not have a shop/centre selling Geocoins right? Thanks & all answers are welcome... :D


Here in Korea three coins have been created in the past two years. Two of which was manufactured by a local coin mint and the one from a company in the US. As also mentioned by The Blorenges there's lots of info at Geocoin Discussion forum.

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