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60 CSX fw 4.10 not downgrade


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My gps 60CSX (USA version ) fw 4.10 gps 2.30m not work my MAP. I need downgrade to 4.00 ( second GPS 60 csx my girlfriend maps READY OK ) downgrade for UPDATER and fw 4.00 and not work. SECOND GPS fw 4.0 downgrado fo all version. 4.10 NOT... Thanks for HELP. ( RESET, BRUTE FORCE fw update etc. ) NOT WORK

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Garmin list 4.00 as latest firmware for 60CSx



What I do know is that Garmin did do some with all firmware for Nüvi that made it impossible to downgrade if you have upgraded to a certain version.

Eks 765. You can downgrade from 3.8 to any older, but if you upgrade passed 4.x, you can only downgrade to 4.0.

My guess is that thy have added functionality that they do not want user to remove, like time of first fix, new lock system for map etc.

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My GPS is NEW US version (last week) firmware 4.10 latest new GARMIN firmware (webupdater have 4.10 )

I have software version 4.00 on my 60CSx and just ran WebUpdater and 4.10 is still not offered. It said I have latest software version.



Yes, you are right about that. I have been trying to figure out whats up. My GPS says software version 4.10 and GPS software version 2.10m. One would think that if they were shipping new units with 4.10 that they would offer it as an update with webupdater.

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