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Accouny validation


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Hi All


I have beentrying to get my account validated but without any luck. I have amended my account details and requested a new validation number, and sent an e-mail requesting the same. Still no luck.


Please advise




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I have beentrying to get my account validated but without any luck.

From your profile page, it would seem that your account does not need validating.

Status: Member

I guess you're trying to change your e-mail address, which needs to be re-validated.

Have you checked your spam-folders?

Or try another e-mail address if you have one.

Some e-mail providers see GC.com mail as spam.


Example of account in need of validating:

Status: Not Validated Member


P.S. To confirm, I just changed my e-mail address, and back again. On both occasions the validation e-mails came through within seconds, and validated as expected.

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Sorry for my 2c but I think the problem is with your service provider. You can try to use www.smsad.co.za for an free e-mail account. Try to use it as a test. I had endless problems with telkomsa and this e-mail actually ended the trouble. As a test I send you an e-mail please let me know if you have received it or not. Gerhard

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Just to confirm. I had no reply on the e-mail that was send to you. Maybe you never received it.


Do not try to get it resolved with telkomsa. It much easier to hug a lighting strike instead. They will tell you it is the way you have installed your pc, your fire wall, etc. But it is never them. I hope you get it resolved as it is quite frustrating not to get the feedback on new caches, feedback from your own caches, etc. By the way; welcome as a cacher and I am waiting to see the first log.



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Thanks to all the advise guys. I got a new e-mail account with gmail and recieved my validation code almost immediately. I have logged my first three finds, and hope to find many more.


Thanks to Gerhard for trying to contact me, but you where right I never recieved your e-mail.




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Hi ZS6BD I am glad your problem is resolved. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to call for help. I do not know it all but somewhere in the community there will be someone that can give you the direction needed.


You should do well, you are at 3 caches but you are already 1 better than me. I could not find Magnetic Rock – I was there twice and still no luck. Antron have different caches and they are good hides but for some reason I battle to find them. So, you done well to find it. If you ever do any caches from me then you can request my cell number by dropping a private e-mail before visiting just in case you need help. But that is you choice – I do not enjoy DNF’s on my caches. Well done, and I hope I can say well done one day to your 50th hide. Enjoy the festival season with your family and be safe. Gerhard.

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