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Wanted - Garmin Nuvi 550


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I have done some research and it sounds like this is something I need. Apparently it is useable in the car as well as caching.


I am presently working with a Garmin Etrex but find it is really limited with the number of caches that can be put in it and it is definitely not 'paperless friendly'. We have been working with a netbook, Palm and Ipod touch - you don't want to know why all three.


So - in order for me not to have to depend on the OTHER electronics - I am looking for a Garmin Nuvi 550.


However, many of the stores I have checked with - do not even carry that model.


Thought I would check and see if anyone is upgrading and wants to get rid of their used one.

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I am not selling mine but since you mentioned not being able to find one and no one has responded...here is me trying to help :)


Gpscity sells them and in stock:


http://www.gpscity.ca/garmin-nuvi-550.html $299


Gpscentral sells them as well for the same price, AND they have refurbed ones for $229! Not going to find a better deal than that, likely even here.





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I just got my 550 last night. What program are you all using to put in the geocache waypoints.


Personally I do not use any program to load them. I take the pocket Querry GPX file and just drop it in the GPX folder on the Garmin. It automaticlly adds them all to the Geocaching icon with hints, discriptions, etc...


I know some others here do use GSAK to load them if you need more control than what a PQ provides. Perhaps somone that uses it can chime in but for my needs just dropping the GPX file works fine.


You also may have better luck posting the question in the GPS and Technology forum instead of the Garage Sale.

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