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Show us your Christmas decorations cointest

Laval K-9
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There was a cointest like that last year and I really enjoyed it. Since no one started one this year, here I am :D


How about showing us your Christmas decorations? It may be your Xmas tree, the outside of your home, an ornament, something you cooked or whatever you have that put you in the Holidays spirit. It doesn't have to be this year's decoration, as long as it is yours :D


You may post more than once and tell us a little bit about what you'll be doing during the Holidays. We will do a random draw among the posts with a picture. The posts containing only a comment or a picture taken somewhere else won't be included in the draw.


We will announce the winner on December 24 around noon (my time).


The winner will get our K-9 GSD Antique Copper coin :D



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...and I think Nikos likes the purple ball on the tree!!!! :D

Is Nikos the name of the Cat??


YES! :D He is my Godson! :D


Shari asked me about greek names for the kitten if I remember well... I said what Gatoulis means and finally the family liked my name... Nikos! :D I was (and still am) deeply honored!

Nikos the Cat is an amazing!!! :D He even came close to death but he is strong, and extremelly lucky because he lives with a great family who love him so much, they care for him and showed it when he was so injured!!!! :lol:


oh... and he is probably interested in the lights of the tree.... :D :D If this year Nikos was a good cat, maybe Santa will bring him cat food... hmm... maybe he is trying ot see if his present is already there, or he is trying to find the best spot to surprise Santa when he comes! :D

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A top of our enertainment shelf


our fireplace mantel


We are going to my aunties house christmas eve, for a yearly gathering, we eat n sing carols, then pass out presents and go around the room and open one person one present at a time , its a good 6-8 hr gatering with plenty of jokes we usually get home about 2-3 AM :)

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our lil tree, with my 24k gold decorations on it from the danburry mint.


on christmas we have our family christmas, breakfas,present openings (me zariah, cass.) then we go to my mothers house for about half the day for lunch and more presents and then goto cassies moms or dads for the rest of the day/night for dinner and again another present exchange and maybe a white elephant game. :)

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Ok we go a tad overboard at Christmas, here is one end of our house




And another view, from the other end of the room




You can also goto

to see our house, lights to music

Sorry it's so dark, I'm working on a better video.


There is always an open invitation to all Cachers to vome and visit, inside and out.


PS There is a Nano hidden in our tree for guests to find and sign.



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This is our Advent House:



And for those Holiday Movie Fans out there, This is the Advent House from Christmas Vacation :angry:

Mom has had Marty Moose Mugs on Her list for years now.


Is it THE House that we see in the movie? :o

It is not "THE" House, it is a duplicate made by the maker, for a bit he sold a limited number per year.

You had to order them 2 years in advance, each being hand made.


But the Daughter is correct Marty Moose Mugs are still on her list.

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Well, I wasn't going to post any pics here. I want y'all to know that I have really enjoyed seeing all the decorations. One thing I saw told me that I HAD to post photos. What you might ask? It was


Santa Moose! I don't know of anyone else who has a Santa Moose. I am so thrilled to find his relation! Thanks for the pic CatsnFish!




These cookie jars are filled and waiting for my friends to come fix plates. I still have a few more things to bake, first.



This is the dining room tree. We will put the ornaments on it Christmas Eve.



A bouquet of holly, magnolia and mistletoe, I picked in the yard. We will throw it on the fire Christmas Eve along with our Yule log.



My heart tree : - )



Closeup of my heart tree.



Merry Christmas to all!

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Oh!!! so many pretty photos!!! Ilove these decorations!!!!


Too bad my multi machine died with the thunder that hit us! :laughing:

Except that it was a scanner too, I was entering in it my mobile memory card and I was puting photos in my PC! Now I can not do anything!!! :laughing:


I have photos from the tree and the manger I am making, from past years, but I do not think they will count! :)

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Here is Zariahs entry, if she wins the coin will go into her coin binder with her other coins.


all week she wanted to see santa,, when she got there she was not happy with him,,, hahaha poor girl. :laughing:


Poor Zariah, just to look at her makes me sad :) On the other hand, Santa seems overwhelmed with joy :laughing:

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Ok....Here are some photos from last years tree!


There are some things different this year (added a hand made cart, some new animals, a new stone arch and I was planning to buy a real waterfall with water running but .... maybe next year!) but you will generally see how my manger (which is a decoration.... isn't it?) and my tree looks like!


I do not put many decorations in the tree.. I am responsible for the manger (family tradition that passed from my grandfather to me!) and the sky behind the tree...


The photos are many so I hope it is ok to post more than ones so you can see everything! :mad:


so.. here we go....


Our tree at day:




and our tree at night....




Just for the info.... tree sky and manger have about 1500 lights!!! How we didn't burned the house yet.... that an other story! :D

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The house is builded with tiny square stones! Inside there is a fireplace, the ground is from wood, the windows have plastic like glasses....


the windmill is cardboard and plaster....

the lake has water in it so the ducks can have fun! :D


Both house and windmill have lights in them! There is also a small light that is trembling like a fire in front of the main manger (with Jesus), but you can not see it now!

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I know... I hate to see blue goats there but I couldn't find white ones! :D

I lso know that the light in the small mangers do not look nice like that but do not forget that the photos were taken to see details! See how the mangers look like when the lights are open and you are not extremelly close to them, but in the normal body possision.... :mad:








Merry Christmas to all, and Sorry for all these posts!!! :mad:

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Yesterday we got a bit board in the office, there was noone in to deal with and thought lets decorate the office.


We had a rumage in the store room as to what we can "Borrow" for decorations.


our shopping list:


1. printer paper

2. coloured card (we found 3 colours red, yellow and green)

3. empty cardbourd box

4. rubber gloves

5. disposable apron's

6. glue


and for a bonus we found an old fake christmass tree covered in dust.


ok we had the stuff now we can get started


firts off was the coloured card, cut into strips and made about a mile of paper chain's




we then used the printer paper to make snowflakes for the windows




and also mad a few 3d stars




then we found this little guy on the net and done 24 of them and put one ontop of every computer screen




we dusted off the tree and put it up and made an angle for the top,


then we made this snowman




He is made from 3 bags of paper shreddings, each filled to different amounts, his had has been made from the empty cardboard box and made into a top hat.


His noes is a piece of card rolled into a carrot shape, and his arms are cardboared tubes with rubber gloves blown up and stapled to the ends. and a nice smile curtosy of google.

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I have to post this one again in case someone didn't see it in the other thread. This is my dog Layla's card and coin mission for this Christmas that I have on display on our tree. DJ.J.Rock did the wrapping. It is even more beautiful in hand!




We are heading up north to spend Christmas with my parents. We hope to get in front of the huge storm coming our way. Be back in a few days. Everyone be safe!


Merry Christmas everyone!!

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