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finds and caches are different

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When I run my stats it states that I have X number of finds at X different geocaches. Why or what is the difference? I'm sure I am supposed to know this but....


Thanks for the help.


What are you running your 'stats' with? GCSAK? It's not about the numbers? Other?


Some caches may have been logged twice. This could be for several reasons. The owner may have moved or changed the hide and allowed a second log, or you could mistakenly logged a second time.


I Believe the message reads: "WIIarefamily has xxx finds on XXX unique geocaches".

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That can't be the case, I have a WHHHOOOOLLLLLLLLEEEEE lot more DNF's then that. I think it could be because we have had some caches in our area archived and another was place in it's spot. I am removing a log of one of these a will see if that fixes the problem. Trouble is I can not run another "My Finds" query for a week, I will be ale to report back about this in a week.

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If you happen to be a user of GSAK there is a macro that will scan your "found caches database" for multiple logs by you.


What "found caches database"? Where?


GC premium member>request my finds query>import query in GSAK database named whatever suits your fancy. I call mine MY GC Finds. :laughing:

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