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Kids & geocaching

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My wife and I went to visit our kids and grandkids in Prineville Oregon last Sunday. It was cold with a little snow on the ground but everyone was curious what this Geocaching thing that grandma and grandpa have been into for the past couple of years was all about. I knew there were two caches just a mile down the road so we all piled into my pickup and off we went on their first Geocaching adventure. When we got close I parked and turned my GPSR over to my son-in-law and I just lagged behind and let him and the grandkids do all the searching. They found the first one with little trouble and that sparked a lot of excitement and questions about various aspects of Geocaching. They were all anxious for more so we moved on and found our second one of the day. interestingly they were not interested in the swag, just the hunt, so we took nothing but the adventure.

These kids genuinely enjoyed themselves and were asking when we could do it again.

Geocaching can definitely be a family bonding experience that I hope others will take advantage of.


well it won't let me edit the topic title so i guess it will be kida instead of kids :antenna:

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Sounda like a good time had by all!


My eight year old nephew is coming down (Florida) for the holidays and we're going to take him caching for the first time. Santa is bringing him a Geomate Jr., he's been good, and I have an ammo can full of goodies for under the tree. I have a hunch he'll like it, very active and outdoor oriented. Very cool activity for youngsters, lots of good things to learn, exercise and fresh air.


I don't want to get too nostalgic but when I was growing up we were turned loose after chores and told to be home when the street lights came on. Fun meant getting outside. Geo-caching is a great alternative to the tv/video game rut so many youngsters are in. Where were these things when we were growing up?

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I agree that this is definitely a bonding activity with the kids. My step-daughter could spend days just laying on the couch playing on the laptop or video games, now when I ask her what she wants to do it the answer is always "geocaching!"


My husband and I used to drag her out hiking with us and she'd complain-the hikes were too long, or boring - but now if there's a cache at the end of the trail she's all for it to the very end and them some.


I also got my mom, dad and sister into geocaching as well and every time we get together it's either a hike or some urbans, but we always have a great time - it's out of the house, away from the tv and computers, just some good ol' family time.

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This has been one of the best things for my kids and I. My oldest would play video games all the time if I let him. But when I bring up Geocaching it's a race to the car. We bring their friends with us at times, and all of them have been very excited to go.


And when you have a large family it is a heck of a lot cheaper then other family activities.

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The main reason for my going out is to watch the kids scramble around searching for the hides. I take the neighborhood kids out because even my grandkids are too interested in other things.


Sadly, since school started, I have had to go out alone usually, they are tied up with school sports and other activities.

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Yes, caching is a great family activity. I think kids go through stages because sometimes our son loves it, but there othertimes he doesn't want to go. The most important thing is not to push them. If our son doesn't want to go, I'll sometimes go with friends and he'll stay home with mom.


A very important point. We began caching about 6 months ago... I would love to go out and nab 20+ a day, or search for hours for an elusive one, but if we want it to stay a family activity I've got to keep the kiddos in mind. It may mean holding back when I want to get a little obsessive :P but if it keeps their interest it is SO worth it. They are 6 and 2 now, and have a blast finding one geocache. Two is sometimes pushing it and if I go for three in a day they usually declare mutiny! I try to keep it light and look forward to when they are older and we can REALLY go at it. :lol:

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