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Animated GIFs

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Until recently whenever I use Mozilla, all animated gifs are animated and moving as they should be, however if I look at the same page in IE they are static, this seems a little annoying that people using IE dont get to see some cache pages as they are designed. Now this morning they seem to be moving in IE aswell as Mozilla, I understood it to be a cough-microsoft-cough issue blocking the animation of GIFs, has this been changed or have I (or the kids) unintentionally changed something amongst the settings?


On this cache GC21G5N Dogs Breakfast the dog, the bowl and banner are supposed to be animated.


Any ideas what is going on?


Many Thanks



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Dunno, I once used Opera and was able to toggle them on and off, mostly off as animations of any kind on a page I'm trying to read is the work of ****wits, seriously, what are people thinking with most of the animation on webpages? It's kak and kak thinking.


So, let's have, in the words of Mutts, a little look - a little see.


In IE, on the Tools Menu is Internet Options, click that.


To the far right is the Advanced Tab, click that.


Scroll down to Multimedia and look for Play Animations in Webpages* Does it have a check in the box?

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Does anything display properly in IE?

The site in question seems to work on my IE7... of course that could be pure illusion since it's running under VISTA... and we're not sure about what that is doing... I'm going to wait for Windows 12 and see if that works.


Have fun



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