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Cache Addict: Year of the Tiger Geocoin

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Missed the cointest somehow! :o


But I like the chosen back! Being a Tiger myself this is a must have coin. :D What does the AE look like? ;) They're not reservable yet are they? :)




The coins aren't reservable yet, but I'm sure that CA will post just as soon as they are -- which, I imagine, will be when we've gone some photos of samples to show. I imagine it'll be another couple of weeks.


I haven't actually started work on an AE yet, but I have some ideas (muh hah hah hah)...

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Per the Cache Addict website, there will be goings available for sale on the 30th of March (for me, that's tomorrow; for you folks in the US, it's the day after, yes?). So if you missed out on reservations and would like to get yourself a coin or two, keep an eye on that link.


What I don't know is what time they'll be up; CA, could you weigh in, if you see this in time?

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Due to some shipping & mint issues, the AE version of this was WAY behind schedule. Turlutoture, your set of coins which you won in the cointest just went off to the post office. : )


One of the mint errors was that they made Mike a limited run of shiny gold & shiny silver coins using the AE colors. He's taking those to GW8, as I understand it, so if anyone's going and you like the series, keep an eye out for them!

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