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Loss of a great geocacher

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Butrflybec and I were at home this evening when we got one of those phone calls that you hope you never have to receive. TrkDoc, her father and my soon-to-be father in-law, passed away sometime today while on a cache hunt in Louisiana.


TrkDoc was one of the top cachers in the state of Mississippi and over the past few months had completed many challenge caches across the southeast and central US, most recently the Oklahoma county and Delorme challenges. We know that he was in LA for the weekend finishing up the parish challenge. However, at this point we still don't know much, and are still awaiting more details.


He was a great asset to caching in our state and will definitely be missed.


Here's what Bec posted on the MSGA forums:

I have some very heartbreaking news to fill you guys in on. I got a call tonight from an officer in Assumption Parish, LA saying they found my dad, Billy Harding, aka TrkDoc in his truck deceased. So far they say it looks to be natural causes, but we'll know more tomorrow after the autopsy. The officer said that his jeans were wet up to his knees and he seemed to be playing some kind of "gps game".


I know he really enjoyed you guys and had so many wonderful adventures over the last few years while he was geocaching. I guess it only makes sense that he should depart while out on a great geocaching hunt. He was trying so hard to finish up that Louisiana Parish Challenge. The King of the Challenges...


I just ask that you guys lift me and my family up in prayer as I have to be the "adult" and get through this. He was a great man, and a wonderful daddy...I'm really going to miss him.



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Sad news, David, but I think that most of us would at least be glad to hear that he went while doing what he apparently loved... being out in the wilderness, getting your pants wet up to the knees like your mother always told you not do do... I hope I am so lucky and don't end up in a nursing home or hospital bed when my time comes!

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Dear Butrflybec and DavidMac,

I am shocked, saddened and quite upset to hear of the sudden loss of your dad, TrkDoc. You have my prayers and deepest sympathy.


He was, indeed, working on completing my Louisiana Parish Challenge. I had email contact with him on Saturday morning, and expected him to easily finish the challenge over the weekend. I was looking forward to meeting him for the first time in person at the final cache. I thought for sure this would happen on Sunday. I was puzzled that I hadn't heard from him again, or that he had not posted additional logs since Friday.


Bill was the most focused and determined geocacher that I have known. He had truly earned the "King of the Road" title for his many successes with my Interstate Highway Challenges. And, to be honest, I had even begun working on my written congratulations to him in anticipation of a FTF completion on the Louisiana Parish Challenge. I thought "Mississippi Man" would have been a fitting new title for him for crossing the state line once again and beating the rest of us to this challenge.


God bless you and your family.

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