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trail maps and geocaches

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Anybody know if trail maps can be downloaded to Delorme PN-40? If so, will geocaches show up on them? Thanks.

You'll need to define what you're considering to be trail maps. If they are trails in GPX format, the answer is yes. If they are maps of the area with trails drawn on them, then you're going to be looking at a process to make that happen. You can use XMap in this case but it will cost you extra to gain the program currently priced at $100 for PN owners. You have to call DeLorme to gain the price break.


Geocaches are a different beast and as long as you can load them on the GPX by Topo, Cache Register, GPS Plugin, or GSAK you're good to go.

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Ok, I'll see what happens. Thanks for the help.


I can't speak about the specifics for the Delorme products, however I was able to take the ESRI shape files from Indiana DNR and Kentucky State Parks and create overlay maps for my Garmin Oregon 400t.


Those shape files were taken from GPS readings over a period of many years, so I've found that the trails end up being a little off but they make for a good reference and when overlaid on my topo maps I can get ideas of vertical changes along a trail which is nice.


Maybe someone more experienced with the Delorme units and map making can give some additional input.


In addition there is also a way to convert regions of a shape file to and GPX. It's somewhat involved and does require you have access to the right software (ArcGIS and ArcMAP are what I used - I have access at the college where I work - can't afford the thousands that software costs for recreational conversions).

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