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It's on track! Are you? GC1F31G

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Thanks TGIZ Glad I could join in on the Find.


I know that when I found out where the cache was, I had to actually touch the train, When I put the cache back both feet were on the ground, and I had to touch the train. I didn't think that violated the "No Climbing on Train" rules.


When I first started caching things were a bit different. over the past 6 years I have noticed that caches that were once 3/3, are now 4 and 5 rating, Film canisters are now smalls instead of micros ( I know that is a whole different well discused thread else where) Thank you IWC for placing a truely Dif=5 Cache


Thanks for hiding this one IWC, I wish I lived closer to find more of your Caches, I will hopefully place one soon that will meet you high standards.


Can't we all just be friends,

I'm going off to sing Kum By Ya,

Drama makes my head hurt

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