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'Part of Series/Circuit' Attribute?

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I've seen people name their caches with similar names so you know they're designed to be done together.


Some I've seen around here are named something like:



HRPT2-Rocky Trail

HRPT3-The Cave

HRPT4-Scenic Overlook


and so on. HRPT might stand for Hop River Park Trail, and then #1 is the first you do, #2 the second and so on. That helps finders know which one to do next, which can sometimes be confusing on the trail if the names are random and the caches aren't real close together.


If I were searching for caches to do, I would spot this right away and realize the caches are all part of the same group rather than with an attribute.


I'd look at the attributes for each individual cache to see if anything special was needed, like the "HRPT3-The Cave" to see if climbing gear was needed or if it was dangerous, things like that. The attributes can change from cache to cache.

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