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Odometer discrepancy Vista HCx vs. Oregon 550t

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I distinctly remember all the problems with the etrex H series (I also have a Vista HCx) when they first came out, and all the problems Garmin seemed to be having getting to grips with the Mediatek chipset, so when I got my Oregon 550t, which I read had yet another different chipset, i assume rather naively that seeing as the Oregon series had been out a while already that they would have sorted any problems out.


With my Vista HCx, the odometer distance, and the distance as calculated from my track logs were (after many s/w updates) as near as makes no difference identical. But with my 550t, I'm again noticing discrepancies between the two. OK, not as much as in the early days of the MTK chipset, maybe 5-10%, but annoying nonetheless.


I've tried searching here to see if anyone else was having issues, but couldn't find anything.

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