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have others had good luck with book or dvd trade caches?

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I am a lover of books. I had a cache that had a SciFi book theme. I placed it far enough back in the woods so the P&G crowd wouldn't be interested, and when I finally archived it three years later, to open up room for other cachers, I ended up with as good or better a selection than when it started. Another book theme cache I had was geared toward getting kids to read. I bought a giant ammo can and stuffed it with children's books, hiding it near a pavilion. The objective was for folks to take their kids out there, find the cache, sit with their child in the pavilion, read the book and return it. I had to archive it after only 13 months, due to construction, but in that short time, there were no books taken that were not returned, and there were even a couple books added.


I probably wouldn't hide a DVD cache, as I find them to be too impersonal.

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I've found several, I like 'em!


'Media Cache' in Atlanta was the first one I found, in a suburb in some trees at the end of the CO's driveway where he could maintain it regularly. A big storage bin that had all kinds of great media in it. It was active for years, don't know if it's still there.


Another one like it was a half-mile walk on forest paths to a similar container in a local state park, don't remember the name of the cache, went to it over the years with a number of other cachers, it always had good stuff in it.


To help avoid degradation be sure the title and cache listing make it clear that it's a media cache because most cachers don't carry media in their swag bag; make sure they are aware so they can be prepared!


Waterproof it and go for it!

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I have a book trade cache that has been well received and lots of good books have been traded in and out over the years.


I also have book on cd cache that tends to be stocked with some decent stories to listen to. I know some folks make regular stops to get a new title to listen to - (it is at a rest stop on the interstate).

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I had been thinking about doing a book cache but just couldn't decide where to put it.then i came across the geotruckers web site and the bell went off.so know a truck stop has a book exchange cache for the truckers and anybody else traveling down the hwy.now it's only been out for a mth but seems to be doing ok only time well tell if it stays filled with good books or not

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First cache my GF and I ever found and what got us in to geocaching. It was advertised as a cache that contained among other things bad DVDs. We brought the horrid Shall We Dance" - not the Japanese version but the really awful Richard Gere/Jennifer Lopez and walked away with Space Adventures" with Rocky Jones Space Ranger and Flash Gordon that made us laugh until we hurt.


The cache is only a year and a half old and most people just ignore the DVD and trade other things, but it was kind of fun to go with the mission of finding something awful and leaving something awful.

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