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2009 Yorkshire Rose Geocoin... going .. going ... gone!


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:blink::mad:B)The 2009 Yorkshire Rose Geocoin has arrived!!! :grin::D:D






250 of this limited edition coin have been commissioned from Oak Coins to mark Yorkshire Day which is celebrated each year on August 1st.


They were first released at the Yorkshire Day Jamboree Cache Event held in Overton, West Yorkshire on Saturday 1st August 2009 and are

now available for worldwide ordering & distribution.


The coins are 1.75" in diameter in the shape of a White Yorkshire Rose and on the reverse is a is a outline of God's Own County mapped in Geocaching.com colors


Each coin is stamped with a unique serial number from 001 to 250. They are trackable on Geocaching.com with their own icon as below




When they're gone, that's it; no more of this issue will be made.


The coins are priced at £6:50 each and are delivered 1st class recorded delivery in the UK and via Airmail to Europe and R.O.W.


Click here to see multiple pricing & shipping costs and how to order


Email me with any queries or to order at amg.services@virgin.net


Payment is via Paypal, Credit Card, Cheque, Postal Order or good old cash.

The coins will usually be shipped within 24hrs of receipt of funds.

If you track me down and pay in cash you can avoid the P&P and Paypal malarkey and pay me £6:50 per coin in hard currency!

Sort of Cash and Dash I guess!

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Hi all,


I've still got a few of these lovely coins left at revised prices for those in need of a special and unique Christmas present. ;)


Only 250 of these unique coins were minted to celebrate Yorkshire Day which is celebrated in August each year in Yorkshire, England and they are the ideal Christmas Stocking Filler or New Year present for Tykes far and near


They are 1.75" x 3mm in size, beautifully finished in the shape of a white rose picked out in raised silver and 6 enamel colors showing the current administrative counties of Yorkshire on the reverse.


Each one has its own unique serial number, tracking code plus special icon on Geocaching.com


Check out the front images here and the rear images here


Revised pricing and ordering details here

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