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Yep - I agree - i have not seen this - but one of my more common issues I've had with my trackables is newbie cachers picking them up and not logging them - thinking they are swag.


I have coached a few people into how to log trackables - and I still maintain that having to go to a seperate page for each trackable is onerous on new cachers - and leads to some trackable going MIA.


I unfortunately do not have a better idea though - so we live with what we have.

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Geocachers get trained on things usually by other cachers, I would honestly hope that other cachers teach them properly. Practice Cache and Release with geocoins and other trackables found in a geocache unless other instructions are with the trackable.

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One thing I have encountered ~ a "cacher" who is teaching classes and actually running a "geocaching camp" for kids, who does not totally understand trackables. I also, heard of another peson teaching Geocaching who also does not demonstrate an understanding of trackables either.


Herein lies a problem. Folks teaching others who don't know, may not be teaching this piece at all, and/or if they do it, it may not be done correctly. Trackables need to be discussed early on - before swag and trade fairly, in print and publications and then perhaps it won't be missed.


There are no regulations on people who teach. A shame folks running programs (and especially if there is a fee) don't ensure the instructors are experienced and well rounded in the sport/game. Perhaps something Groundspeak might enbrace - a certified geocaching trainer certificate.???

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