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Splnterheads-The Movie


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Who is Andre Rui?


You don't know Andre Rieu? WOW you must be under 40 then :) .


He is a violinist, and directs the Johann Strauss orchestra. And one-hell-of-entertainer.

If you can get hold of one of his many music DVD's have a look.

The best ones are the ones in Maastricht (his home town) and the Australian tour as well.


He is entraining here is South Africa, in Cape Town, Durban, and Sun City, in April.

If the tickets are not to expensive we are going to see him.

More info at wikipedia

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Watched the movie on Sunday and I must admit it was not that great. Also very little geocaching in the movie. Two geocaches, one of which you see in the trailer.


I rather liked it - slightly offbeat. Definitely won't be released here


As paddawan mentions just about all the geocaching scenes were squashed into that "trailer". I am using trailer in quotes as that was not really a trailer for the movie but a geocaching highlights package - quite different.


However although geocaching is not the main theme of the movie they do get into some detail and highlight how cool it is as even the male lead (a complete dork in just about every sense of the word) after teasing the female lead how nerdy geocaching is admits its pretty cool by saying its "nerdy nerdy" and therefore the two negatives make a positive. They give the website and show it on screen so i am sure the movie had a positive effect on geocaching.


[Added] - Actually geocaching is quite an important sub-theme as I was just thinking about it and Galaxy says basically the Carnival life is pretty crap and that instead of sitting around drinking and doing laundry like others, she uses Geocaching to get out there and see cool spots.


And just to correct paddawan there were three caches involved - two that Galaxy found and her own which she performed a maintenance visit on! And all three caches were cool - the underwater one the magnetic micro and Monkey Barrel in a beautiful field of yellow flowers.


I enjoyed the movie - if you want to see it give me a shout and get a copy (Cape Town) I am sure there is someone in JHB who would not mind downloading it.



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I have just watched a copy of GPS the movie. started really well with a good geocaching/GPS type feel to it. I really liked the cut scenes where a little pointer was used to show progress through the wilderness. It however degenerated into a slasher/horror after about 45 min with all the party being taken out one by one. The geocachign theme kind of fell away and it became a wilderness survival-cum-stalker movie.


For a "low-budget" movie - the quality was really good. Ended up not watching to the end.

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FIND ME is horrible, sorry but it is the weakest of the three "Geocaching themed" movies discussed in this thread.


Well we watched it last night - and I disagree - after sitting through GPS the Movie - I still was not impressed (perhaps I just dont like horror/kill everyone in the cast type movies generally :) ).

Find Me certainly wont win any Oscars - but is a fine movie - as my son said - a bit like a tractor - doesn't move particularly fast - but keeps going and keeps you interested throughout.

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