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Bushnell ONIX 400 GPS with XM NEXRAD Weather


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Still interested if anyone else has used one or what others that bought one think.


Got mine in the mail yesterday. Hope to try it out this afternoon. First thoughts:

Wow, for something so HUGE, this thing actually feels good in my hand.

Balance seems OK.

Not sure I like how the on-screen text keyboard works.

The plastic cover over the charger/PC connection has got to be the worst design EVER. At least connect it to the body of the GPSr..

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I to received mine today... It will be a Christmas gift to myself.. Needless to say My wife says I have to wait like the kids. LOL So I need you all's help. I am a little new at Geo Caching. I tried it out with inferior equipment a couple summers ago. I love it. But not enough money to get a real GPS. I go the ONIX off Woot. I am dying to use it. How can I just download the waypoint off the Geocache site right into the GPS?? I did install the software so I can get prepared to launch on Christmas day. Do I have to load each on individually???? Please help... My son is excited to do this too... Thanks

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I got my Onix 400 and Hated it. too difficult to use for Geo Caching. So I bought a delorme pn40 and love it. I only wish it had the size screen the onix has. That is the only thing I like about the onix is the size of the screen. loading caches was a pain in the arse on the onix. Gps babel did adapt their program to use on it. but, by then I had been using the PN 40

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