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Pharos and other GPS Pocket PCs

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Ok, while looking through the forums, I can find scattered information on the "All-in-one" ability of using a Pharos w/ GPS installed to run the Wherigo cartridges and use the GPS to find things. Here is what I have found so far:


525 - Asked but unknown - one said they couldn't figure out how to make it work

525+ - Works with a .NET update and identifying the correct port

535 - Couldn't get map and Wherigo player to run at same time (are maps important for Wherigo?)

535v - Does NOT work

535x - Could not find info in forums

600E - Could not find info in forums (though this is technically a phone, it still runs Windows Mobile 5.0)


I did a google search for GPS enabled Pocket PCs, but couldn't match up any of those models on the list of verified hardware. Any information on GPS enabled Pocket PCs that can run the Wherigo player (other than the 525+) would be appreciated. Otherwise, I may just go with the Garmin 10X receiver and some other Pocket PC.


-Ryan (1/3 of ERK!)

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