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Missing/Stolen TB & Coin Stats

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For those that may be interested I have analysed the losses of all my trackables that I own.


Of the 55 TB's and coins I own I have released 30. Of the 30 in total 7 are TB dog tags and over the last 3 years I have only had one go missing ie: 14.2% lost. HOWEVER .. the balance of 23 were an assortment of coins and to date 7 are MIA and moved to an unknown location ie. 30.4%.


I can only deduce from this that geocachers tend to keep or dare I say .. steal.. coins. Very sad indeed. You dont need to be a brain surgeon to realize the TB's are the way to go. Pity.

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Not too sure if TB are the way to go - of my 10 travellers 6 are coins and only 2 survive - one of which I carry with me - the other I only released in Feb this year and it spent most of the time in a cache at the top of a mountain pass with only one visitor. Only one of my TB survive?? So no more travellers for me!

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