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St. Johns NL must do caches?

Trekkin' and birdin'

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I'm from Wisconsin, but will be visiting St. Johns next summer as a participant in a storytelling conference held there. I'll probably have a little time to find some caches. I've already targeted an EarthCache at Signal Hill and a letterbox, cause I like those kinds. I'll be caching without my other half, but am still fairly adventurous on my own (and can probably persuade other storytellers to come along), so terrain challenges are always fun. If a cache will bring me to a spot where I can spot Puffins or migrating whales, all the better.


So.....what are the ones that visitors should be sure not to miss? Thanks!

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One of the most amazing things you can do in St. John's is the entire Signal Hill walk. It is about 5.5km if I recall correctly. Besides the ones you mentioned, there are some other caches in that area and you can get them all on the tour. "Piglet's Bottomless Pit" cache is on the north side of the entrance to St. John's Harbour, at which point you will already be amazed by the trail.


On this tour, you will also see a WWII installation and the old chains that held the net across the harbour to stop enemy submarines from entering.


Shortly after that, you come to a small community clinging to the side of the rock face. The trail proceeds directly over somebody's front porch (literally right by their front window).


After that hike, drive around to the other side and visit Fort Amherst. It is on the south side. Here you can get "The Fort Amherst Cache" then look across the harbour to where you were just walking on the other side and take some pictures to amaze your friends and family.


Hopefully you will also have time to visit Cape Spear, which is not very far away and worth the small drive. While you are there, finding "Cape Spear Light" and "Extreme East" (the most easterly cache in Canada) is really just a bonus to seeing this spot.


Those are the highlights that I know about, but there are some other caches scattered around St. John's and it really is a treat just walking around the city. (Well, your leg muscles might complain.)

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Thanks, this is exactly the kind of information I wanted.....caches I can find while doing what I came to do, which is to see and experience the area. Well, actually, I'm coming to present a storytelling workshop, but that's just a little part of the time there! :blink:


For whale watching in St. John's, I have often spotted them from Signal Hill, but I suggest that you get a decent set of binoculars for that. The best place for whales and icebergs is in Twillingate, about 4.5 hours west of St. John's. I can't provide any guidance on puffins, however.



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I SOOO wish we had gotten into geocaching before we went to Newfoundland this past summer. We were at all of the places mentioned. Although we loved Newfoundland.... it would have been very cool to have found some caches while we were there.


Now I want to go back more than I already did!



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Thanks for that info, too. As for binoculars.....not a problem, diehard birder here. :D


I think at least a couple of us going plan to book a whale/puffin watching cruise, so if anyone local has insight as to recommended tour operators, that would be great, too.


Not a local but we went on a couple of tours. http://www.obriensboattours.com/ was by far the best. When we booked for a noon tour they phoned us at 11 to say that not enough people were booked for the tour on the big boat but offered to take just the wife and I on a personal zodiak tour (usually more expensive) for the same price. We told them no, we will wait for the next tour that they had. They gave us the tour for half price.


We saw whales, Icebergs and of course more Puffins than any person could ever wish to see! The tour boat staff were fantastic!


I have no connection to the company but just like to promote a great company that treated us very well.



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Like mentioned before, Signal Hill is a must. There are lots of trails up along there with caches. Around St. John's there are some trails ran by the Grand Concourse Authority, here is their site http://www.grandconcourse.ca/grand-concourse.asp


There are lots of great trails to follow and caches to find along the way.


Cape Spear is also a must, the most easterly point in NA. There are some good caches up there and give you some great views! You may even spot some whales while you are there.


For bird watching/boat tour operators, most are located on the 'Southern Shore'. There are many to choose from and they are all good. Some that come to mind are O'Briens boat tours, Gatheralls. And there are a couple that depart from St. John's Harbour, but you will see more birds etc from the Southern Shore.


Any other questions let me know! I've only started geocaching last year, but I am born and raised and live in St. John's.

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You can usually see a few puffins (fairly close) and a few whales (in the distance) at Cape Spear. As carlaandbaxter pointed out, the best tours are south a bit on the Avalon Peninsula (in Bay Bulls). We went on Gatherall's tour, and both them and O'Brien's tours take you through the Witless Bay Ecological Preserve where you will see literally hundreds of thousands of birds (but only 3 or 4 species!).


Here are some puffins up close, from the boat, which at some points comes within spitting distance of the island cliffs:




I have a pile of photos -- organized by area -- from the summer of 2007 which you can see here.

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Wow, what a lot of great information. I'm reading a travel book now called The Iambics of Newfoundland, which I'm enjoying a lot. That photo of the puffins is wonderful not just for the birds, but for the spectacular geology they're sitting on. I am really looking more and more forward to my trip now. I'm waiting to see the program for the entire conference, because I think there are things planned that will allow some touring as part of it. Supposed to be public in a few weeks.


Thanks for all the great information and resources. The photo galleries some have shared are wonderful.

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Hopefully you will also have time to visit Cape Spear, which is not very far away and worth the small drive. While you are there, finding "Cape Spear Light" and "Extreme East" (the most easterly cache in Canada) is really just a bonus to seeing this spot.



Not only the most easterly in Canada, but in North America!!!

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I look forward to visiting Extreme East. I still don't know the entire schedule for the conference, but it looks like we'll be moving about beyond St. Johns. Cupids is on the itinerary, I believe. I also hope at some point I can actually see moose, as it sounds like they are around on the TCH. The family joke has long been.....if I'm in the area, the moose will vanish. Northern Minnesota, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park......saw hoofprints and nothing more.


I'm really looking forward to the Signal Hill trail as well. A couple of you have shared links to photo galleries and it looks wonderful. I've been reading a book called "The Iambics of Newfoundland" to get a feel...albeit 20 years back....for the province.

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