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are caches meant to be found?

va griz
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Caches should be hidden so thast be found. Anyone can post "slighly altered" coordinates in some silly attempt to be tricky, or hide a green nano 30 feet up a pine tree, or possibly no cache at all (remove the cache for the weekend - evil evil hah hah). But, caches should be found. That is the essence of the game, keep it fun for both parties.

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Well, it would appear that the cache that spawned this thread was indeed designed to not be found. Now that some have finally found it and told their friends, the owner has disabled it and is planning on archiving it apparently due to too many people finding it. ;)


I wont post the link to the cache here but for those that really want to see it, it shouldnt be that hard to find.

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My big complaint is that a lot of caches are not rated correctly. I agree with the people that say the clayjar system is flawed. In my mind it has a lot of gaps and should be redone, however it is the system that is in place. To "help" out other cachers we should put in our logs what we feel the correct ratings should be.




I've a relative newcomer and at the moment I'm hitting easy caches in order to build up my skills before tackling the more difficult ones. I have been frustrated on more than one occasion when a "1.5" turns out to be much more difficult than it's supposed to be and other more experienced cachers tell me it should have been rated higher...

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OK, that last post was (hopefully) obviously in jest.



I think all of my caches, even the toughest, have been designed to be found, and they all have been, although some put my fellow cachers threw the wringer (right, bflentje?) As a friend of mine said about some of his truely evil hides, "I want you to find them so you can see how clever they are" (or something along those lines).


I love being through the ringer.


My philosophy is... there's enough crap in the woods, the medicine bottle in the rotten stump, kind of hides. If I can't make it fun OR challenging, I ain't hiding. Out of 50 or so ACTIVE hides, I probably only have a half dozen of what I'd consider REALLY lame hides. And my friend knowschad is perfect to have in my home area becuase his hides are just as fun or better than mine. Though, sitting a top a 8' high chainlink fence, at night, when it's 10 degrees out, trying to reach a micro container another 24' in the air, left marks in my arse that are still there today. Makes for fun stories..


Having said that, my philosophy isn't for everyone. I accept that. And even though I don't like lame hides, I find em willingly.. because it IS all about the numbers AND I am a radius slave.

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My question is about caches that are so tough that they may take large numbers of cachers many attempts to find. Apparently (I'm going on info from local cachers on the other side of the country) some hiders make a nano NIH hide and even throw out washers to thwart metal detectors. I just don't get it. Is that really the object, to make an unfindable cache? To me it's not a cache if I can't have another cacher find it.



There are a couple of caches that come to mind when you mention this subject. One such cache is a micro located in cement culverts, beneath a road bed, in a drainage ditch that stays filled with mud and rocks and various other muck. When I arrived at gz and saw where it was.....I knew that if I did go after that one cache my day would be over. I would be at least 30min just getting cleaned up enough to get back into my vehicle. Will I ever go for it? Kinda sorta doubt it. How many people go for it? Only a couple per year.


My take is that there are certain cache owners and certain geocachers that are made for each other. I mean, there are parts of the world where stinky tofu is highly desirable...so who knows. It doesn't work for me, but that's O.K. too. There are hundreds of thousands of caches out there, something for everyone....even for people who like stinky tofu.

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Them stinky fermented soybean curds aren't tofu. They're "natto". For breakfast, with a raw egg on the top. There are a number of ways to say "No thank you" in Japanese. I used all of them, I think.


I don't mind a well executed hide that is exceptionally difficult to find. By well executed, I'm not talking about a micro buried in a rock field under a bridge with bad coordinates. I'm talking about a cache that is so cleverly disguised or placed that 1) it requires an inordinate amount of time to find, and 2) I wish I'd thought of it.

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Caches count for 1 point, regardless.

So, I hunt for the easy ones to up my score,

because difficult or multies just use up time,

and still count for only 1 point.


It is a challenge enough for me to get out at all,

because of advancing age (75) and don't need

the extra challenge!

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