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Missing missions

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Hi every one i have 3 mission here that i have to got to the post office to mail. Are 3 month old has been to the hospital alot lately. He had an emergency surgery last week and was in the hospital for 3 days after.


as you can see things are really hard right now and we are not working beasue he needs us to be home with him . This is gonna to make Christmas very hard . I will try to get the missions out as soon as i can once again im very sorry.

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hiya there my friend. i hope the wee one is ok? give him lots of huggles for me. im sure that who ever is waiting for your mission packages will totally understand. missions are fun to get, but are not as important as loved ones who are unwell.

you take care of your wee one one first, then missions can wait for a while.

love the paganfrog clan

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Halloween First the get sent back to me by the post office then with my son ill i did not get to make it back to the post office . Surgery and hospitals for a 3 month old is not cheep. The one person all ready returned my email and understand but i have not herd back after emailing the outer.


It really sucks i can not give my kids a Christmas this year .

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You should probabally take yourself out of the Christmas mission.

That way the sender and reciever can send to each other and you won't have that worry too!




That would be good but i spent about 20 bucks on stuff for that 2 weeks agoe . and i can not return these items


Are you sending out the Christmas missions. If not then please let dhenninger know. I know my grandson is checking the mail every day and I am sure others will be too and I would rather send a package to them rather than have them disappointment. Dhenniger, if you find you have some that can't full fill their mission, let me know. I will help out.

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So sorry your little one has been ill. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.


Christmas is going to be difficult for everyone this year with the economy. We will all need to tighten our belts a little and be a little more creative with the gift giving. I'm lifted everytime I come to the forums and see how we coiners rise to the occasion and help others out. Give yourselves a warm fuzzy for your kindnesses. :D


I am able to help out by sending out another mission if need be. Just let me know :laughing:

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