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Vincent van Gogh geocoin


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The Vincent van Gogh Geocoin is available now in our shop.


Vincent van Gogh lived from 1853 to 1890 and made an impressive amount of beautiful paintings.

A number of the paintings are made in the village Nuenen (the Netherlands), also the village where the Geocachingshop is located.

On the front. you can see the painting 'Wheatfields with stokes and a Mill' from 1885, on which you can see the Roosdonck mill, which is still there and in use.

A cache is hidden very close to this mill (see GC1N33T ).




Available in 5 different versions:


Antique Copper XLE (75 made): 8,95 Euro

Foggy Silver XLE (75 made): 8,95 Euro

Foggy Gold XLE (75 made): 8,95 Euro

Antique Silver: 7,95 Euro

Antique Bronze: 7,95 Euro


The whole set containing 5 coins can be purchased for 39,75 Euro




Size: 42 mm, 3 mm thickness


Front and backside in 3D


Trackable at Geocaching.com with its own icon: Icon%20Vincent%20van%20Gogh%2032x32.jpg

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