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Delft Blaauw coin in the making


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Dutch art had many renowned artists such as Frans Hals, Rembrandt, Albert Cuyp and Jan Vermeer just to list a few...so I think the picture on the new Delft Blaauw coin could be a "painter's palette with a paintbrush", like the ones held by artists when they paint their masterpieces.

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I am so happy to know the third Delfts Blauw Coin is comming. I've two spaces open in one of my books underneath the first and second coin. :laughing:


The design: I think it will be a tallship like they sailed the Seven Seas during the VOC-period. They stand for the mercantilism of the Dutch.

Or maybe a bouquet? Or would it be the little boy with his finger in the dyke: Hansje Brinker? :blink:

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koe.jpg_82_80.jpg Koe


I love the cow!


I am drinking a Heineken right now...and it is 37C outside! So, that heat along with the alcohol has led me to guess maybe this time something botanical, like an illustration of hops.

Barring that, how about making the coin orange :) or perhaps a dyke?


GG bite your tongue. It is -15C here and blowing snow - come on back and enjoy a bit of this fabulous weather!!


The coin depicts a dutch boy with his finger in the dike. Hope they make a few more of this version - they are far too popular to only make another 125. Also, congrats E&Cplus3

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There are many Dutch that have chosen to move to Australia...I got the chance to pick a Dutch Lady's brain at a Christmas party this weekend and asked about what are typical Dutch symbols? Most of the above were mentioned but we also had a good convo about politics and I'm thinking maybe the coin may have a symbol of the monarchy on it?

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This is one of my favorite all-time coins, and I am so pleased to see that #3 is in the making. My guesses for the image have mostly been mentioned before: Dutch Bonnet, Tulip, Cow, or Dutch Architecture. Simple and clear - iconic.




The video is a nice treat, thank you for making it. Seeing the molds, the numbering tools, and the shop was fascninating.

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Hmm, I had another look. Even had my kids in on it because lots of times they see things my eyes don't :blink:

We were all wondering why your partner would 'ruin' the little video by reaching across to retrieve the bottle opener...maybe he was thirsty? :laughing: but then in the new video we didn't hear the sound of a bottle being opened...

So is this a functional delft blaauw coin, say a bottle opener?

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It is great to read about the new Delft Coin. I am eagerly waiting on the chance to get one as many of you all do.


My choice, beside cheese and all the topics which are mentioned is f.e. the retaining dam to keep of the flooding. Those are brilliant build and are for sure outstanding and very helpful for the dutch people.

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