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converting UTM to GPS

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There is no need to convert them if your Garmin (you didn't say which model you have) allows you to select different units. On my 60CSx I go Menu - Menu - Units - Position Format and then select Degrees, UTM, or whatever grid I choose to use.


If your Garmin doesn't have this setting, use Google to find one of the many websites that offer GPS conversion utilities.



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One other note. You may need to pay attention to the datum. Geocache coordinates (and most other sources of GPS coordinates) are expressed in the WGS 84 datum. Some older paper maps (for example, the USGS 7.5 minute series) use other datums (NAD 1927 CONUS in the case of the USGS maps). If you use your GPSr to do the conversion, it is important to set the datum correctly before you input the coordinates to be converted. Failure to set the datum correctly will lead to error in the converted coordinates. This will usually be small, but could certainly be up to several hundred feet depending on location.


If no datum is given with your coordinates, you have no choice but to assume that they are WGS 84.


Finally, when entering UTM coordinates (into your unit or into a conversion program), it is important to enter the zone correctly. The zone is a two-digit number followed by a single letter. It appears at the start of the UTM coordinate pair.

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