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New updates for Colorado, Oregon and Dakota


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"The update file is corrupted."


Anyone else getting this, or is it just lucky ol' me?


It's gotta be in USB Mass storage mode.......or you will get that message.

In the "Find Device" window it will show up as the "Drive" it represents on your computer.


Been there, done that.........

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Although better than the BOS that 3.10 firmware was...


Maybe by 3.30 they'll get it right? I installed 3.2 last night and at home all was well. On my drive to work the Colorado remained stable. No freezing or crashing like with 3.1. However, the Garmin OS Discoverer maps don't work properly. One second you have a full screen OS map, the next it reverts to Basemap vectors. Then you start to get parts of the screen in OS and the rest in Basemap. Basically if you are using Discoverer OS maps, it's unusable!



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Most likely has nothing to do with the update.


If you can see them on the Gps they are there, only mapsource cannot find them, because you might have saved them on the gps (this is a long story)


You can load them with mapsource via Files > Open

With windows explorer you should be able to move them also.


Waypoints, Routes, Tracks in the current.gpx file

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