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2009 Alaska Geocoins and Coinaments Now On Sale

Ladybug Kids
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The 2009 Alaska Geocoins and Coinaments are now on sale for delivery in time for the holiday season on the GeocacheAlaska! 2009 Alaska geocoin webpage.


As with previous editions, this is a Made in Alaska product. The 1.5 inch/39 mm coins are struck in solid commercial bronze (85% copper, 15% zinc, also called brass), one ounce 0.999 silver, and one ounce 0.999 silver with 0.9999 fine gold relief.


The obverse of the geocoin features a pair of brown bears feasting on wild Pacific salmon returning to their Alaskan spawning grounds. The geocoin’s reverse features the signature highly-detailed view of a prospector seeking his cache against the backdrop of Denali – “the Great One.”


The mintages and prices are provided below:



$12.00 each - US/$13.00 each - international

500 minted (750 maximum)



1 ounce 0.999 Silver

$43.00 each - US/$46.00 each - international

75 minted (100 maximum)



1 ounce 0.999 Silver w/ 0.9999 fine gold relief

$63.00 each - US/$66.00 each - international

75 minted (100 maximum)



Representative reverse (in bronze)



In addition to the regular edition Alaska geocoins, a limited edition of 150 "Beary Christmas" bronze coinaments were also produced. The front of the geocoin features the 2009 brown bear and salmon design and the reverse side of the geocoin features a pair of bears and a Christmas tree offering a "Happy Holidays" greeting. All Beary Christmas geocoins are packaged with a red or green border in an airtight "coinament" capsule suitable for gifting and/or displaying the coin.


Bronze Beary Christmas Coinament

$14.00 each - US/$15.00 each - international

150 minted (150 maximum)



All the coins are trackable and have a custom icon: 09bearfish32.gif


Matching geopins in antique bronze and antique silver are also available:


Antique Bronze and Antique Silver Geopins

$2.25 each - US/$2.50 each - international

250 of each minted


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Why is the bronze so expensive this year? Haven't they always been around $9.95?

I feel everyone's pain...both the base metal price and the fixed costs (models and dies) charaged by the mint increased substantially over past years. That, coupled with selling fewer units each year over which to spread the fixed costs has led to ongoing upward march in prices. Since the first Alaska coin edition in 2005, our unit costs with the Mint have roughly doubled, which tracks with the price history you all have seen in here. As in past years, this project is primarily a labor of love of geocoins, not profit.
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Are these trackable on Geocaching.com? I have a 2005 Alaska that's trackable only on their website...

Yes. With the exception of the 2005 Alaska gecoins which came out literally just weeks before Groundspeak started selling tracking numbers, all Alaska geocoins are geocaching.com trackable with a custom icon.


Here is this year's icon: 3262.gif


Also forgot to mention in the original post that the silver and silver with gold relief geocoins come in a velvet display box.

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Great new Alaska coins! :laughing:


But why do buyers from outside the US have to pay more for an item? :laughing:

Differences in domestic and international postage rates.


Thanks for the positive feedback!


There was also a shipping charge on my order in addition to the higher international price but I think the two combined were about right.

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I took delivery of my newest Alaska Geocoins on Monday and again I am very impressed!


The pictures just do not do these coins justice at all. Sure they might be a little more expensive than other coins but to date I have never seen other geocoins that can compete with these.


The steady price increase over the years is just like everything else, raw materials go up, manufactured goods go up too, no big dealio.


Anyone who is on the fence about buying some of these should go ahead and buy with confidence, these babys are hot hot hot!

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All online orders received as of early this morning went into today's mail.


Many thanks to skifast, Capra Hircus, Polgera, Blazingpathways, and Valerieseaker for all their help with this phase of the project!


There are about 300 bronze, two dozen each of the silver and gold relief, and fifty of the coinaments left, so place your orders now to assure delivery in time for Christmas!

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All orders received as of 0700 this morning will ship today.


We're getting low on the silver and gold relief version of the coins.


There will not be a second minting of these coins, so the original mint quantities will be the final quantities (500/75/75/150 for bronze, silver, gold relief, coinament, respectively).

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Just in time!!


I was going to a geocaching cristmas event and was thinking of bringing my geocoins. While looking thorugh them, I saw my coinaments from last year, and it crossed my mind that there might be new ones out. A couple frantic google searches later, phew! It's in the cart!

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I made another run to the post office today and double checked the inventory. As of this morning, there are nine coinaments, eight silver, three gold relief, and plenty of bronze geocoins. There are also around fifty of each matching geopin and three calendars.


As posted earlier, there will not be a second minting of any of the versions (I can't change the original post).


Initial and final numbers for each version of the 2009 Alaska geocoins are:

Bronze: 500

Silver: 75

Gold Relief: 75

Coinaments: 150


I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday!

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Orders are still coming in and I'm still shipping.


As of this morning, there are five coinaments, seven silver, two gold relief, and plenty of bronze geocoins. There are also around forty of each matching geopins.


Help this edition sell out so we can start working on the 2010 Alaska geocoins.


Happy New Year everyone!!!

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