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Cheap Pen That Writes On Waterproof Paper?

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I bought some "National Geographic Waterproof Paper" for computer printers (the kind of paper designed to print maps on). They sell expensive "waterproof pens" to write on the stuff. Is there an inexpensive pen that I can use on computer-printed log sheets, with this kind of paper?  Cheap pens that I can add to my cache.


An ordinary #2 pencil is very faint. Rollerballs and Gel pens smear, particularly when the paper's wet. A standard ballpoint pen also smears, but only a little -- so that may be the kind to use. "Sharpie" markers work fine, of course.


I think this "paper" is a kind of vinyl (feels like fine leather), can't get soaked, and dries quickly. Using my inkjet printer, the printed parts don't smear. So I can print Cache Notes, and make Sig items out of it.


This would be great as a replacement slip in leaky micros, except that the next guy to come along can't sign it. If this paper can't be used as a Cache log, I'll just use it for other printing projects. So it will still be useful, just not as versatile as I'd hoped.

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Clarified my question.
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I use Sharpies. The super-fine ones. In addition to writing nicely on NG waterproof paper, they will write on almost anything and the writing is waterproof on any paper; even if the paper disintegrates the signature won't run.


Another vote for Sharpie....because it also writes perfectly on wet paper logs. :) Have not come across a log we can't sign yet with a Sharpie!


We are currently using a Sharpie clickable retractable pen in ultra-fine, but the regular ultra-fine Sharpies work the same.

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A crayon...

I tried several colors of crayon, and dark colors show up OK, but they all rub right off this "paper".


Other than that, an advantage of crayons is they're waterproof, and easy to size. I'll also look at those pen refills, to see how small I can make them. If I add Nat Geo Paper to a soaked cache, it would be good to also add the pen that writes on it.

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We are currently using a Sharpie clickable retractable pen in ultra-fine

I've never seen one of those. That would be cool! So far, sharpies work best of all on this "plastic" paper. I don't know how long one will work in the wild. Even if I don't include it in a cache, I'll start bringing one along.


I'm thinking of making an emergency log-sheet to add when the original's soaked. Some people won't be able to write on it, but them's the breaks.

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... I'll also look at those pen refills, to see how small I can make them ...


If you're talking about the Space Pen, you can't make it any smaller and you probably shouldn't try. It's a gas-pressurized chamber that houses the ink ... probably not a big 'explosion', but a messy one!

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CJ and I both carry fisher space pens to write on pretty-much anything.

Mine is a the little bullet type, while her's is a Trekker model, hanging off a carabiner or lanyard.

No matter what we put 'em through, they've never failed to write.


I also carry a Sharpie pen as a bag back-up (found in most office supply stores) that does seem to write on everything - so far.

With that super-fine point, even works on the not-much-liked-by-me micros we come across.

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CJ and I both carry fisher space pens to write on pretty-much anything.

My Sharpies were all dried up, so I picked up a pack of ultra-fines today. That will be only for perfectly dry and clean log paper (and ideal on Nat Geo Waterproof). I also got a Trekker Space Pen (which cost 3x more than a whole set of Sharpies). Every Space Pen I've ever owned constantly had a glob of ink on the tip, which makes a mess. But ever the optimist, here I go again.


I'm actually looking for suitable writing instruments to put into the cache along with the waterproof "plastic" paper (although I didn't make that at all clear in my OP). But with freezing temps approaching, I’ve removed ink pens from my cache. I'm adding some nice little pencils -- my cache has a real paper log. But I hope everyone brings decent pens, if they find only a waterproof log sheet in some Micro (or they bring their own sheet to add).


Here’s an extremely tiny pen. It'll fit into many Micros, it’s in no way suited to the purpose, and it’s far too expensive to keep in a cache. But it’s kinda cool:


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I swear by the Sharpie Retractable Pen  that writes with a very fine line (width of a ballpoint) on every type paper, including wet,  but with indelible permanent marker ink.  Note that except for the composition of the ink, these are not the common broader tip Sharpies used for artwork or celebrities signing autographs.



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I carry a Sharpie ultra-fine marker (not the same as a Sharpie pen), a gel ballpoint pen, and a Fisher Space Pen. I've been able to make my mark on any log I've found using at least one of them. The Fisher Space Pen can be expensive, but the refills are less expensive, and can be used "as is" or in the body of a cheaper pen.

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Funny to see a zombie thread appear.

Our carry has sort of reversed lately, with ultra fine point sharpies used on most logs.  Our fisher pens used more as a backup.

Still carry a bullet fisher pen refill in my wallet, so never out of a writing instrument.

We completely canned using pilot G2s, after a few incidents with leaking.  Maybe it's a recent quality control thing...

 -  Was making trades and grabbing trackables and that gel ink still wasn't dry in logs sometimes, so not a big loss.

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