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The Thankful Receiver Geocoin


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Hi, my name is Sara and I haven't posted in the forums before, but I just finished making this coin with a customer. I'll be logging under my own username as soon as it clears. Some of you know who I am - I work for Oakcoins and Geoswag.com.


This is such a fun coin. I love the play on words - a thankful receiver! So clever. It was lots of fun to make it with you, Kim.


Satellites, a great find, caching friends, technology, nature, geocoins, mega events...geocachers have a lot to be thankful for. Celebrate this Thanksgiving with one of these beautifully crafted geocoins in either antique copper or antique bronze. Trackable on geocaching.com with a unique icon.


The Thankful Receiver Geocoin



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Hi Sara and Kim, great design! I just logged onto geoswag and thought you may want to know the listing doesn't match with the pictures...the AC description is above the AB coin, etc. I'll refrain from ordering as of yet so I know which one I will get :)


Order placed- I just crossed my eyes when looking @ the pictures!


Nice looking coin BTW

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What are you thankful for this season?

The hide? The hunt? The journey?


A bounty of caches awaits our GPS receivers. Satellites, great finds, caching friends, technology, nature, geocoins, cito, puzzles, mega events… geocachers have a lot to be thankful for. I'm celebrating this Thanksgiving with a new coin design. I hope you like it. Two editions are for sale at geoswag.com.


Trackable: YES

Custom Icon: YES

Size: 1.67” (42mm)

Features: Antique finishes and soft enamels

Thickness: 3.5mm


Available: HERE



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