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Pushchair friendly North Wilts

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hello all,


We've got some friends coming down before christmas who have 2 little ones (one in a pushchair).....i was wondering if anyone knew of a good cache / few caches in North Wilts (devizes / marlborough / chippenham / calne / pewsey) that were pushchair friendly......


...also if someone knows how to search for this type of thing on the site and not just aimlessly click on each cache on a map!!! (can you do it if you have a premium account?)


Thanks in advance!

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I don't think a regular member can do this, but a premium member can do a PQ for caches with the pushchair attribute set, of course this depends on the cache setter having correctly set this attribute and many might not have done it, so it's probably more reliable to go by word of mouth. If you want I can run a PQ for you and Email you a list of cache names, let me know if you want me to.




Edited to remove the offer to supply a .gpx so I don't get slapped down for it :(

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Chippenham Bridge


The last one in particular is very good.




This one was set by my 8-year old, she'll be very pleased with your comment, thanks.


Toyahmunky, there is also a series of 10 along the 5 mile Calne to Chippenham cycleway, depending how far you want to go.


I work in Chippenham and I have walked over that bridge every day for the past week trying to have 'a go' from a distance......far to many muggles for a lunchtime cache!!! It looks like an awesome challenge and I've seen a lot of comments full of praise for it :D

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